Solignum – UCP Paints and Stains

Solignum UCP Paints and stains
Architectural and Residential

Click here to see UCP’s full range of Solignum paints and finishes in a myriad of colours, for both the contractor and the DIY homeowner. You can also see an extensive array of deck and wood stains for exterior use.


Click here to see UCP’s comprehensive assortment of finishes to protect and beautify your hardwood flooring. Find the right concrete floor coating for home garage or factory, alkyd and acrylic enamels as well as acrylic epoxies.

Speciality Maintenance

Click here to see UCP’s range of specialty maintenance products for a variety of needs: coatings for pools, barn and fence paints, protective coatings for metal implements and equipment are found here.

Municipal Road Safete

Click here to see UCP’s municipal and road safety products that include field marking paints, traffic and zone marking paints, including low temperature paints and specialty pool paints.


Click here to see UCP’s range of protective coatings for structural steel as well as for machinery and equipment. Specialty industrial Solignum coatings are found here.